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Github issues


Use Github issues  

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  1. 1. Do you think Github issues could be more efficient to track bugs (REAL ONE) and wanted features?

  2. 2. If we decide to enable github issues, should we keep using the forum for general questions and announcements?

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Imho, despite the fact that github issues are probably THE best tool to track bugs and so on, I'm afraid that having multiple locations would split this very consistent community.

And this community is one of the big strength of this framework. No other framework has such a place with people chatting, sharing, arguing together. Simply having fun in a (their) well know saloon forum.

Tracking bugs in this forum is not that cumfortable, I agree (it's ugly, not easy, etc, etc), but we can stand it like it is. And this offers the ability not only to try to fix a bug but also to discuss about it, to explore new ideas from the problem the bug is about, etc... many things we wouldn't do inside a functional bug tracker.

Well... that's just my opinion

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@Deltakosh: I have to really agree with @jerome

As Jerome says " Tracking bugs in this forum is not that cumfortable " made worse I think by the fact that a few people seem to see a problem they are having with BJS as a "bug":blink:

But, "this community is one of the big strength of this framework.". Could not agree more. And all questions, answers and help all in one place

And finally, on a more personal note - I'm a rank newbie at using github.:o

cheers, gryff :)

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