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Playgorund Follow Camera Example

Richard C

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I am not able to get CameraFollow to work for me. I assumed I was doing something wrong in my code but when I try a few examples in the PG they don't work either.

Could someone try the example from the tutorials and throw some light what my problem might be. Is there any chance it could be an issue with my PC set-up. I have tried it in both Chrome and Explorer.


The box (target object) is moving in a ellipsoid but the rest of the scene remains static and camera doesn't appear to follow the box. The box reappears when it travels in front of the  camera on it's ellipsoid path 


Richard C

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Many thanks.

It must be a nightmare keeping documentation/tutorials/examples all up to date as Babylon.js improvements continue thick and fast. What is the best way for us newbies to keep up with the latest documentation and help, without having to bother the forum quite so often. I feel a bit guilty and/or embarrassed having to keep asking you busy people.

Many many thanks for all your work and that of all other contributors. The likes of Babylon.js opens up new worlds to us novices and as a retiree trying to learn new skills, it is very engaging. But it does get a bit like walking through syrup sometimes. I am very grateful that guys like yourself give up so much of your time to develop but it takes the edge off learning a bit when docs etc are not able to be updated.

Wish I knew more to enable me to contribute to making Babylon easier to learn - perhaps one day eh?

Richard C


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