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Merge Meshes


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Thanks Deltakosh for your wiki page about merging meshes (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/wiki/How-to-merge-meshes).

It helped me to create a function to merge a mesh to another one. I added the function to your Mesh class and I could send you a pull-request if you want.


Nevertheless I'm not totaly happy about it since I didn't manage to avoid to create a new mesh to contain the result of the merging. Indeed, I think it could be helpful to directly modify the first mesh to be the merged mesh, thus the process could be simpler to chain meshes merging (and I need this :)) and more efficient.


Here are two jsfiddles. The first one gives the good result but a new mesh has to be created, the second one avoids the creation of a new mesh but the result is translated and I don't understand why.






(only two lines are different: l48 and l65)


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