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Position canvas on PG BABYLON.Analyser


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If use this :

var myAnalyser = new BABYLON.Analyser(scene);

The frame is not positioned in the canvas :


And this causes a bug : ( connectToAnalyser is not a function )

var myAnalyser = new BABYLON.Analyser(scene);




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@davrous Sorry not to understand, but the first link, the analizer is position on the code editor at the top left, before I saw it position on the canvas right down. Which lets me think of a bug.

On the second link, I have an error that says: connectToAnalyser is not a function

Why are not these bugs? Is not it possible to reposition the analizer and avoid this error of connectToAnalizer is not a function ?

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@Dad72 I've explained it in the documentation: http://doc.babylonjs.com/overviews/Playing_sounds_and_music

I'm displaying the debug canvas in absolute position. It's a debug stuff, so I haven't spent much time handling the display of it. By default, it's in position: absolute, top left. You can change with the properties provided in the documentation.

The main idea of the analyser was to expose it to build experiences such as: http://babylonjs.com/Demos/Dancing CSG/ or http://babylonjs.com/Demos/AudioAnalyser/

For your second link, it's not a bug as there is no connectToAnalyser function on the BABYLON.Sound object. The function is available either on the global audio engine or on a specific sound track.

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