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emulating WC3 deviceorientation in iOS app?


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I am doing some comparing of mobile application options.  Thought maybe someone might mention if I am way off in the wrong direction (usually when I start these threads it is more of a conversation with myself :().

As it relates to using either of the deviceorientation cameras in BJS,  the environment must support the 2, orientationchange & deviceorientation, window events.  I cannot seem to get any direct search hits for "WKWebView deviceorientation".  WKWebView  is the iOS class where your html5 is embedded.  I am seeing crosswalk directly supports W3C DeviceOrientation Events, so Android looks good.

I am wondering if using this plugin could be done?  It's callback is just navigator.compass.getCurrentHeading, that can be done on a specified frequency.  It does not look like I could sub-class  babylon.freecamera.input.deviceorientation.ts, but thinking it could be replicated.  Cameras like babylon.deviceOrientationCamera.ts could definitely be sub-classed by changing one line in the constructor, though.

Is this completely insane, because of "..."?

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Hi @JCPalmer,

the WKWebView is the new web view introduced in iOS 9 (if I am not mistaken). It used to be UIWebView. The WK is actually WebKit, so I would expect the events to be integrated there. But, if they are not, a hack should be implemented :)

I see Cordova has this - https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-screen-orientation , which claims that iOS does fire the event. They also have the device orientation plugin which you found.

I don't think it is that insane to create a new camera. I think, however, it will be simpler to implement a functio that triggers the needed events (deviceorientation events) with the needed data to get the device orientation camera working.

This is a very uneducated assumption! but this is what I would try first.

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I thought it might be a good idea to ask Intel, so I did. They thought it might just work.  Been running around doing xmas stuff today, but did get a web version of a test scene (red, yellow, green, & orange walls), white floor & blue ceiling. 

BTW, can anyone confirm this scene works in android?

Github.io takes a while to build your pages.  I tried Android first, too soon apparently. It works on Android upon refresh.

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