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Ga game engine


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I'm a webdesigner and try learn developing html5 games as a hobby project, so i"m a newbie ;-)

I'm searching for a good game engine on this website https://html5gameengine.com/ and searching via Google.

My first option was the Craftyjs game engine, but several days ago i found this cute game engine 'Ga'

It has great tutorials and examples but no community.

On this forum, i can't find topics about this game engine.

That's my question: Has anyone experience with the Ga game engine? Is it good? Or bad?




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Hi gwartney,

Yes i look to several game engines, also Phaser, but i'm not a hardcore programmer. The very good thing of GA is the awesome good tutorials and examples. So clear and understanding for a beginner like me, but sometimes can a community helpful if it necessary.


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Ah well in your case I would say go with what you feel like you can build a game with. And then if your are worried about community help specific for the engine then I would say look at another engine. From my experience though with phaser you really dont have to be a hard core programmer to build a game with it. Although you do have to have a decent understanding of javascript.

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