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How is the market for non game web devs who use PIxi


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Technologies are rapidly shifting and I don't claim to be an expert (I don't know who reasonable could to a question like this) but I will give my best advice on this. A few thoughts / brainstorm:

-Pixi.js is a means to access webgl. If your looking to get into gamedev, this is one viable option - but there is no sound output without another library.

-A quick search on upwork.com returned 5 relevant results for "pixi" but that is only one source.

-If your coming from a flash background and are an artist, you might look into animate.cc or an alternative. it's cloud based but does have html5 exporting support.

-In terms of demand for web technologies, some knowledge is more stable (such as databases for example) and some shifts frequently. Javascript libraries is something that shifts frequently in the web dev world and it's good to be able to adapt to in order to stay relevant. I'm sure there is always going to be demand for making intros for a website though, for example, and if you can find a niche market and portfolio you could establish yourself that way. It's most ideal to be willing to adapt to market/client/employer demands every 1-2 years.

-Check the tiobe index for similar technologies/libraries. Find out what people are using. *Edit: Also be sure to find out what people are using in the specific area you live in.

-If you live in the U.K. there seems to be more job openings in that specific area for some reason for HTML5 technologies. I don't know why this is, perhaps it's more of a concentrated area like a big city or maybe it's the fact that's where Goodboy digital is, the authors of pixi.

-Check your competitors - are they using pixi? Do job descriptions ask for using pixi in your area, or do you have enough experience in web development you could apply for a remote position? Do you think you could get a portfolio built up and a viable plan to either attract clients and/or an employer?

-Pixi.js isn't an end in itself, just as flash wasn't (it's mostly dead now). Be willing to adapt over time.


Hope that helps.

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Hi @kahootbird

I dont mean sites with annoying intros btw. That trend is gone thankfully. I agree Pixi isnt an end. My competitors are front end devs using pure html css js who likely use css grids. But their goals and mine are different. The end in my mind are sites that don't fill standardized UX grids, and have custom artistic layouts & emotional environments. Maybe like the sites below attached graphic done by Anthony Kryiazis's or like Shane Mielke's work on the movie Now You See Me 2 - (http://www.shanemielke.com/work/wb-nysm2/)

You made a good suggestion to create a portfolio doing what you love and that way getting hired doing what you like. That sounds a like a good idea.



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