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image not showing up, full code snippet posted


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let Container = PIXI.Container,
autoDetectRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer,
loader = PIXI.loader,
resources = loader.resources,
Sprite = PIXI.Sprite;

// Create the stage and renderer
let stage = new Container(),
container = new Container(),
renderer = autoDetectRenderer(1200, 750,{backgroundColor : 0x1099bb,antialias: false, transparent: false, resolution: 1});

//Load image
loader.add("img/bg_featured_med.jpg").load(function () {   
let bgSprite =  new PIXI.Sprite(resources["img/bg_featured_med.jpg"].texture)
// var slide = background(container, new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage("img/bg_featured_med.jpg"),'cover');        
//var slide = background(container, bgSprite,'cover');        

// start animating
function animate() {

    //render the container

function background(bgSize, inputSprite, type, forceSize) {
    var sprite = inputSprite;
    var bgContainer = new PIXI.Container();
    var mask = new PIXI.Graphics().beginFill(0x8bc5ff).drawRect(0,0, bgSize.x, bgSize.y).endFill();
    bgContainer.mask = mask;

    var sp = {x:sprite.width,y:sprite.height};
    if(forceSize) sp = forceSize;
    var winratio = bgSize.x/bgSize.y;
    var spratio = sp.x/sp.y;
    var scale = 1;
    var pos = new PIXI.Point(0,0);
    if(type == 'cover' ? (winratio > spratio) : (winratio < spratio)) {
        //photo is wider than background
        scale = bgSize.x/sp.x;
        pos.y = -((sp.y*scale)-bgSize.y)/2
    } else {
        //photo is taller than background
        scale = bgSize.y/sp.y;
        pos.x = -((sp.x*scale)-bgSize.x)/2

    sprite.scale = new PIXI.Point(scale,scale);
    sprite.position = pos;

    return bgContainer;

Hello! Ive tried to console log everything within the anon function after the image loads. Even tho nothing traces is null, im not able to get the image show onscreen.

Can I get a second pair of eyes to see what the issue?


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