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jQuery How deep does it go?


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So I was kinda doing a little bit of work here, and I was helping my buddy out with implementing a js lib that was dependent on jQuery (booooo that lib) and it dawned on me, that often in the playground examples and in a bunch of other examples and docs jQuery methods are the ones being used.  Is this just external or is this built into BJS?  Are any of our core things dependent on it or is it just for simplification of script with interacting with the engine?

Then I was wondering why is that?  jQuery is point blank useless (personal oppinion), yeah its cool and saves time on some things but real production code would scrap it in a heart beat for Vanilla JS, especially when one looks at the OP/s.

Point of the post:  
1 - Are any core elements of the engine reliant on jQuery?
2 - Is there any particular reason stopping someone (like me) from going back and dropping all references of jQuery out from the docs and converting it to Vanilla?
3 - Am I just mistaken on my observation of BJS and jQuery, with my concerns not being for myself but once again thinking about more low level devs? I mean thats like throwing 3-4 API's at them when they really only need one. TS, jQuery, BJS, webGL... like whoa

this is prolly a question for @Deltakosh

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ummm yeah, I don't see why not...  your just adding a third dimension.  Ive never done any work with Phaser, but imagine it to be just like flash AS was way back in the day (I may be mistaken).  But any processes from any field of game design will transition to a new engine, the terminology and processes will be different though.  and yes it is a different world, but with a good basis the transition should be harmless.

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