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ArcRotateCamera - Change .alpha Rotate Axis


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@iTekVR Okay, nice. Its not that hard as it sounds ...

You need this:http://math.hws.edu/graphicsbook/demos/c7/rotators.html

the basics:

Overwrite me:
BABYLON.Camera.prototype.getWorldMatrix = function() {
        if (!this._worldMatrix) {
            this._worldMatrix = BABYLON.Matrix.Identity();
        var viewMatrix = this.getViewMatrix();
        return this._worldMatrix;
    }; etc...
BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera = function(name, alpha, beta, radius, target, scene) {
        BABYLON.Camera.call(this, name, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene);
        this.alpha = alpha;
        this.beta = beta;
        this.radius = radius;
        this.target = target;
        this._keys = [];
        this.keysUp = [38];
        this.keysDown = [40];
        this.keysLeft = [37];
        this.keysRight = [39];
        this._viewMatrix = new BABYLON.Matrix();

 BABYLON.Vector3.Unproject = function(source, viewportWidth, viewportHeight, world, view, projection) {
        var matrix = world.multiply(view).multiply(projection);
        source.x = source.x / viewportWidth * 2 - 1;
        source.y = -(source.y / viewportHeight * 2 - 1);
        var vector = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(source, matrix);
        var num = source.x * matrix.m[3] + source.y * matrix.m[7] + source.z * matrix.m[11] + matrix.m[15];
        if (BABYLON.Tools.WithinEpsilon(num, 1.0)) {
            vector = vector.scale(1.0 / num);
        return vector;
    };  and so on


But i think, someone will write a nice wrapper function for you!  (soon) 



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This thread caught my eye. Reminded me of an old problem I had 

Unfortunately I never got around to the further investigations or pull request. For my own work I continued to use ArcRotate camera, but took over the controls all myself. Haven't re-implemented tilt/rotate, but I'll still likely micromanage that myself instead of delegating back to the camera's controls once I do.



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