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Rectangle in group.


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I have problem with phaser.js, i use this framework from yesterday, and IMO is very good, but i dont know how to render basic shapes (ex. Rectangle) in Group, i tryed this, but didn't work. Basic example with group and rectangle is enough for me. Thx in advance and greetings from Poland. 

class Piano
    constructor() {
        this.keys = new Object();
        this.keys_grp = game.add.group();
        this.keys_pad = 'qwerty';
        for(let i=0;i<this.keys_pad.length;++i) {

            this.keys[this.keys_pad[i]] =
                new Phaser.Rectangle(i*15, 0,
                                     10, 20);



    display() {


I got this error:

Uncaught Error: 0addChildAt: The index [{Rectangle (x=0 y=0 width=10 height=20 empty=false)}] supplied is out of bounds 0
    at Phaser.Group.PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.addChildAt.....


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Hi smoky, the correct arguments for Group#add are

group.add(child, silent, index)

which is why you're getting the "out of bounds" error, but I don't think you can add Phaser.Rectangle to a group since it's not a display object.

Try creating a Phaser.Graphics object, draw a rectangle on that, and add the graphics to the group.

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