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Correct linking in Brackets editor.


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I am following the setup guide for pixi.js using Brackets editor.

I have followed the guide exactly, but the console message I am supposed to get...


Pixi.js 4.0.0 - ✰ WebGL ✰ http://www.pixijs.com/ ♥♥♥

... does not appear. I only get the confirmation from Brackets:


[Brackets LiveDev] Connected to Brackets at ws://localhost:8123


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4 minutes ago, themoonrat said:

You only get the confirmation message you're looking for once you've created a renderer

Thank you. The instructions seemed to imply that I would get the confirmation message just by linking the script file.

Minimum to get it working is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	    <script src="pixi.js">
		//Create the renderer
			var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(256, 256);

		//Add the canvas to the HTML document

		//Create a container object called the `stage`
			var stage = new PIXI.Container();

		//Tell the `renderer` to `render` the `stage`

The instructions should be simplified to make this part obvious. Could save people a lot of time.

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