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Volunteers (Robobility Seeking Staff!)


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Robobility is an upcoming virtual world for kids where you can walk around, talk, dress up, and play games as a robot character. Our unique feature is programming games, which teach children how to code the basics. Here are two of our game ideas for these programming games:

Robo Basketball

In a set amount of time (harder level, less time), users will use simple programming to program the robots shot force and angle to try and make the shot. Harder levels will earn more in game currency.

Robo Tennis

This game would be a multiplayer game where users would program the bot’s paddle to certain locations and hit it back at the angle they choose. As the game proceeds, users would have less and less time to program the returning hit. When a user cannot program it in time, they will lose. Additionally, users will not be able to program the return hit until the other user has hit it to them.


Why Are We Seeking Volunteers Rather Than Paid Staff?

We want people willing to help that enjoy the idea and subject. With more interest, we feel that we can develop a better virtual world for children to enjoy. If we have paid staff, many will do it for the money. They will not have interest and our game development will be poor.


What Staff Are We Seeking?


As co-owner, you will co-own the game Robobility. Your job will be to keep the servers running, and pay for a bit if you need to. However, you will also get all profits so you may be taking in more money than you have to pay out. If you are experienced with servers, domains, and financial issues, this job is great for you.



You must be able to design with Flash software to make talented and friendly designs. Knowledge in making animations is preferred.



As developer, you will be developing Robobility! You must be able to code AS3 very well.


We are also looking for moderators, staff writers, and managers. :)


If interested in any position, PM me.



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