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First plugin: phaser-barchart


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Okay, I recently finished my first Phaser game - an idle game (it's currently on Newgrounds).

While I was coding, I realized that I needed to show the player how well they were doing, namely, the amount of money they were making every day for the past several days. Text was too cumbersome, so I decided to visualize the numbers. Since Phaser.io doesn't seem to have a graphing plugin, I ended up making my own, largely with the "Graphics" library.

The code, documentation, screenshots, and tutorial are here: https://github.com/aphorism44/phaser-barchart.

This game uses the plugin: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/687176 (press the "Statistics" button on the main menu to see it).


Below is a screenshot of five different bar graphs on the same page. For more info on this plugin, please visit the GitHub repo for the README file.




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