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Universal camera


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Hi all,

I am using new UniversalCamera to allow access of application web from pc or mobile devices. However It doesnt work so good. I have been testing  example of @davrous and It is perfect!. Maybe I need to reprograme some tips of this camera. Now I can only turn camera in my tablet but i cant move. The version of BabylonJS that I am using is v 2.6 alpha

Params of my camera:

        var camera = new BABYLON.UniversalCamera("universalCamera", new BABYLON.Vector3(600, 200, -500), scene);
        camera.setTarget(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,0));
        camera.speed = 5;
        camera.checkCollisions = true;
        camera.ellipsoid = new BABYLON.Vector3(2, 3, 2);

Thanks you very much!!!

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Yes of course I render all my scene. If I drag my finger over screen of tablet and  I only can turn but never move. At the same device I have tested this demo  babylonjs.com/demos/sponza/ uploaded by @Deltakosh and @davrous and it works perfectly I only have created the camera that appears in my last post and it hasn't the same  behavior what am I doing bad...

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You're still using handjs. We decided, after an agreement with the jQuery foundation, to switch to their polyfill jQuery PEP: https://github.com/jquery/PEP.

Try the following in your sample:

1 - Reference jQuery PEP before babylon.js: https://code.jquery.com/pep/0.4.1/pep.js
2 - Add this attribute to your rendering canvas touch-action="none"

It should work with the UniversalCamera. 


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You must remove reference to hand.js (you still have it in your script references) to avoid collision and for the canvas, you have to add the touch-action property as an attribute to the HTML element not via styling/css. 

You can view an exemple in the jQuery PEP documentation or reading the code of page of sponza.

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