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AnimationSprite with multiple animations?


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Done :)

Check it out here: https://servercharlie.bitbucket.io/1-PIXI-Animated-Sprites.html

I've listed 5 possible ways of doing it, and I'm still finishing up the other demos. But actually with the first demo + list of demos provided you'll already get the gist of it: You index everything you want to load into object, then you just iterate through them with 1.) the pixi loader, for loading the assets; and 2.) assigning the textures once assets are loaded, and 3.) switching the textures in-game.


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    // Temporary 'frame object' now created.
    // 1.) Its texture is directly loaded from an Image.
    //      - our sprite model is a cowgirl,
    //      - with an 'Idle' animation where she just stands comfortably.
    // 2.) Take note of the 'time' property,
    //      - it is length in milliseconds of how long to display the frame.
    //      - we use 50ms, but you can experiment with higher/lower values.
    Temp_Frame = {
        texture: PIXI.Texture.fromImage(`./game_assets/cowgirl/Idle (${i}).png`),
        time: 50


Thanks for guide! Unfortunately, time property feature is undocumented and doesn't work for me. I am using last version of pixi.js - v4.3.4. Do I need dev version or something?

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Not sure what you mean by "undocumented" but I was actually using the same v4.3.4 version in the example, I even went back moments ago and tested switching the 50ms to 100ms & 200ms, and it was actually working on my end :unsure: 

I just checked the latest version's source on github btw, the 'time' property is already there as it should be: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/873ea67dd6167e2ddb1c2642a1bda0fd8a263e82/src/extras/AnimatedSprite.js#L3-L8

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