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strange chrome android normal vs incognito differences


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strange chrome android normal vs incognito differences

I'm making a game and its rendering differently in Android Chrome incognito vs. normal

I've set the antialiasing off. incognito is good and is crisp (and the sound works, using Howler.js)
but in normal Chrome android the rendering is fuzzy and the audio never kicks in.
My first guess was one was rendering Canvas, and the other WebGL (as I had it set to Phase.AUTO) but setting either explicitly makes no difference.

this happens on my one +two and sony experia handsets , but not an 8 inch lenovo tablet, is good in normal and incognito
all these are using Chrome v 55.0.2883.91
works OK in Firefox
Interestingly puffinand dolphin on xperia at least are awful, very slow

cleared the cache, etc

example URL: www.cartograff.com/harriercarrier

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