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WebGl and webGpu

Pierre Glibert

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What browsers can handle webCL at the moment though? I've seen some bench mark reports for speed testing webCL vs just webGL and even though CL uses GL to render the 3D context the more intense calculations seem to work way faster.  I only recently discovered it from reading up on some cutting edge college lectures that I dug up one day by luck.   

I want to be ahead of the ball and start learning it as much as possible because I have a feeling it's going to be the main language in the future do to your ability to tell it what pipeline it's using and I believe it makes real multithreading a possibility in browser.

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I do not know.  I would suggest just coding the minimum amount to create a WebCL context, 2 lines maybe.  Run it on your hardware / browsers, and you will know for sure. (let me know, please).

What you describe was done by Olivier Chafik, now at Google London.  He, at my urging, made some bindings in Java for openCL, called JavaCL. He also made a demo which calculated the positions of 4 different colors of sand, up to 65k grains, as it shifted.  Pulled the data back to the cpu, then pumped it into an openGL context.  It was pretty impressive for 2010.

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Not a big fan of bringing back a topic from page 9 (looks like we do about 10 pages a month).  It directly relates to WebGPU though.  Khronos just repsonded with the creation of the WebNXT project.  Does not look like it is not quite opposed to WebGPU since Metal seems to be one of the inputs.  See

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