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Pixi.js masking problem with Cocoon.io


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Hi, I'm building a game for desktop web, mobile web and mobile native using Cocoon.io.

I have discovered a masking problem that only occurs on Cocoon.io.

Cocoon Version
Cocoon Developer App 1.0.0.

Basic description of the problem
Im trying to render a mask layer with multiple graphics shapes using Pixi.js

Device info
iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.2

Pixi JS
Version 4.3.4. Using WebGL mode.

Steps will reproduce the problem
Point Cocoon Developer app or Desktop Browser to this url: http://schweinstudios.se/masking/
... or:
Download this repo and branch ticket_masking https://github.com/ErikLarsson82/pixi-workbench/tree/ticket_masking
Install with: npm install
Run in browser on PC and see correct result, run on Cocoon Developer App to see incorrect result, using the same code.



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