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Using Disney, or Hasbro IPs


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Hello guys.

Can I use Disney, or Hasbro IPs in my games, do I need to license them in any way?

I'm about to start developing html5 games as a second job. I would like to make some dressing games for girls.

While I was browsing some portals I can't help but notice the amount of games including Disney princesses, or My Little Pony characters. Do they all contacted the IP owners? Are they all made by the IP owners themselves?

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You definitely can't use other peoples IP in your games without their permission. If they find out they will either just demand you take it down, or worse demand some share of any profits if they think the game has been successful, or could even sue you in extreme cases.

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Disney do make a lot of games, if its official it's have a whacking great Disney logo in front.

Give us some examples.

Many times things just look exactly like Disney (or other) characters, in the toy world this is even worse. I've no idea where the line is but you're ethically on very dodgy ground if you've created a Snow Flight character that looks almost identical to Snow White with the sole purpose of attempting to either deceive or harvest the goodwill or fame of the copied character/thing.

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Thanks for the replies!

some examples I found: 



It was naive to think they are okey with using their IP, without permission. Copying characters and dodging the IP is something I don't want to take part in either.

I searched a little and found contacts for both Disney (http://www.disneystudiolicensing.com/), and Hasbro (http://corporate.hasbro.com/en-us/contact). I will try to contact them.

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At http://disneypermissions.force.com/WelcomeIntakePage

We appreciate your desire to use Disney's characters and other intellectual property in connection with your mobile application.However,Disney is actively developing a variety of mobile applications based on its intellectual property and also has a strategic licensing program in place with select mobile distribution partners.
As such, at this time, we are not seeking unsolicited requests for licenses of Disney intellectual property from app developers

I am also discouraged to write to Hasbro. I stay with original characters for now.

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