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instanced meshes


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Instanced meshes, for a given root mesh, would it be possible to have multiple arrays of instances where each has a different material?  I'm using geometries which tile across 3D space, kinda like 3D noise, being able to use multiple materials w/o cloning meshes would really help me save gpu memory.


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No, that's why I'm asking for multiple instance arrays, each with a different material.

Let's say I have 3 different types of interlocking bricks I use for constructing buildings (in my case it's a much higher count).  Allowing each of these bricks to have two instance arrays, 1 for red material and 1 for brown material, allows me to save gpu memory in that I don't have to make copies of the "root" brick meshes for each different color of brick.  The example I've given is trivial, but when moving to hundreds or thousands of proc-generated meshes, the overhead is no longer trival.


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