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Can containsPoint be moved to Container?


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By definition, if element has containsPoint(), its called when we determine if mouse clicked on that object. If you add it to the container, it'll be a disaster, because it will analyze container and its children two times. If there are three containers in eachother , that would be 8 times. 

There are other fields like that: filterArea, maskArea, e.t.c. , they don't care about children.

So, if its implemented it will definitely have different name. Why do you even need that?

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I see. That makes sense. My particular use case is I have containers which have both sprite and graphic children. I was hoping to use something like containsPoint to see if mouse was still over any of the children. Further, I had abstracted this call in such a way that sometimes it would be called on one of the children and sometimes it would be called on the parent container. I can work around this ok, but just thought I had found a good reason to move the call to container and perhaps, in doing so, slightly improve the polymorphism. However, I see what you're saying.

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