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Texture and Canvas 2D Inconsistent Zoom bug


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So basically I have this weird issue that happens on some computers where the Canvas2D after a couple of seconds gets zoomed into the bottom let corner, revealing about 20% of the total Canvas2D screen, a texture gets stuck in the water and so on. Only clue I get is potentially `GL_INVALID_VALUE : glViewport: height < 0` from `Engine.setDirectViewport()`, but it occurs so much it may hide the real bug (can you remove WebGL error cap somewhere)?

If anyone wants to test and see if they can recreate this weird issue, you can try my beta version here: http://www.airconsole.com/simulator/#http://cotc.castlin.se/ (you play with your phone) It mostly occurs on some Window computers and on Firefox. 

Does anyone recognize this bug? It doesn't occur consistently during run time so it could be error overflow or something I guess. I'm not sure how to find WebGL related errors, googling these doesn't make me much smarter. Thanks!

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Well, this is weird... I can reproduce the issue with this PG http://babylonjs-playground.com/#2AVSFH#213

But when I run the exact same code on the exact same browser locally it doesn't bug!

I don't think I have a more recent version of BJS sources locally, I can see clearly that the hardware scaling make the HTML Canvas flick, but the render stays the same, with the same pixel size...

@Deltakosh do you have an idea?

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