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Updating vertex position


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Hi, I'm loading two mesh, one T-shirt and one shorts, some parts of T-shirt goes through the shorts, so I'm trying to update T-shirt vertices where there is intersection point with the shorts, and make a small expansion of these, But when I do this, it's as if my t-shirt mesh is broken.



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Hi J!  No replies yet, eh?  What you are trying... is a bit complex, I think.


I turned off X expansion (line 79) and amplified Z expansion (changed 0.05 to 0.5 in line 81).

Now pan camera around model.  It appears... that your "intersection checker" (line 61) or "intersected point gathering" (lines 62 & 64)... has problems.  Perhaps it is not properly detecting areas that need expanding.  I have never used intersectsPoint(). Maybe others have experience with it.

I'm not sure if your "expander" will EVER work.  It seems... that point-intersections on the BACK of the model... must be expanded differently... than those on the front of the model.  I think each mesh point is in world space coords, and not in relative-to-model-origin coords.  (What did Wingy just say?  Is he on drugs?)  :D

I'm not much help... but hey, we got the topic bumped, at least.   When zero-reply topics get old, they start to rot and stink.  That's when I spray Lysol and Fabreeze on them.  :)

Cloth-mesh Overlap-Detection and Correction.  Wow, what a topic!  Sounds like the title of an advanced college course/book. :o

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