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Concept: Mirror/stream engine frame


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Is it possible in some way to send the render data through socket.io (or similar) so that another babylon engine can render the same view? The other babylon engine would have all the resources preloaded of course. I'm not really sure how much data is used to render a frame, nor how to obtain it. Basically I'm interested to see if I can make my local multiplayer game have online support by mirroring what's happening on the 1st Babylon Engine.

What I'm mostly interested in is:
* Is it a lot of data to send each frame through socket.io? Would I do better in sending only unit info and render based on that?

* Can I in any efficient way "save" frames and show them with delay in order to simulate lag on the host browser?

* Has this been done before in any similar way?

I'm not really sure what to search for, so any guidance is appreciated.

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I know this is not an answer to your specific question, but one somewhat similar approach I've seen is using Blender installed on the server to provide static photorealistic renders and/or lightmap textures for a real-time 3D scene. The Planner 5D website/app does static rendering using Blender command line on the server for instance. Should be feasible to do with Babylon.js as well. It'd be cool to be able to create hybrid apps that use WebGL but mix in some photorealistically rendered elements without impacting performance too much.

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