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Questions on Phaser


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Hi Im new to here.

Im interested in this framwork, Phaser.

I have used Love2d which use Lua for programming. Actually with love2d, I was able to make any kinds of 2d stuff.


1. Then even though Phaser is based on HTML5, is it possible to make ANY kinds of 2d games without no lag?

For example, can I make Horline miami or Kindom:new lands with Phaser?

2. Just learning Typescript is ok? No need to learn Javascript when I know Typescript? Caz there are some people who do not like Typescript..

Thanks a lot.

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1. Technically speaking, if by 'lag' you mean 'noticeable delay between the action of players and the reaction of the server in a video game.', then yes, it is absolutely possible to create a lag free game. The devil is in the details. 

Without going into a whole set of articles, it just requires reading and a healthy attitude towards networking. Whether you do your game in unity, unreal or phaser, there is always a lot of reading to understand how networking works and how to effectively do it.

Supporting hundreds or thousand of players is harder than supporting a tactical turn-by-turn game for two players. Then again, the likelihood that you'll have more than a dozen players is quite low. Most MMO projects fail, and if this is your first networking game, I'd seriously consider not supporting more than two or three players. Maybe ten? That's a lot already.


2. Typescript is a superset of javascript. You can use only typescript if you feel more productive that way. No worries either way.

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