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moveWithCollision ellipsoid size


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Hello guys !


I do some experiments with the native function moveWithCollision and the ellipsoid parameter for meshes.

I don't know what dimension should be the ellipsoid here or the ellipsoid offset.


Our character is the red man and the obstacle is the blue box. The character should collide with the obstacle.

I want to test collisions with man on the floor and box at different y positions : box on the floor (collision), floating box in front of man (collision), floating box upside the man (no collision)

When box is on the floor, it's ok.

There is a problem when the box is floating in front of the man (in the PG), because the man doesn't stop.

If I change the ellipsoid number Y from 2.0 to 2.5, the man will be floating with strange collision and I want that the man stays on the floor.



Offset is for moving the ellipsoid from the center of the mesh ? So I don't need it here ? 

Can we implement a function to draw the ellipsoid ?




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On 28/02/2017 at 2:12 AM, getzel said:

Who made this function moveWithCollision ?

This function was added by DK. I had asked this functionality to move a character without using physics. I thank again Dk for this function.

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Yes it's true. I think it depends on the pivot points of the object. "offset" the blow to reposition the ellipsoid.

I admit I also have a little difficulty with that. and the function to see above ellipsoid is very misleading because it does not correspond in some cases the actual size of the elipsoid.

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Now you can move pressing any key.


Yes it doesn't work with a centered ellipsoid :


the collision tests first the lower part ?


Instead it works with a bigger ellipsoid offseted :


I updated the drawing function for offset. We could implement it in the BJS sourcecode.


Maybe it's better to have a bounding box than an ellipsoid for the collision testing on the character ?

Because the ellipsoid is not so accurate.

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