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WorldSpaceCanvas scaling, children don't appear to scale correctly


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I have a couple scenes where I scale up some WorldSpaceCanvas instances with some simple UI. I recently took the latest preview release and noticed that children are offset strangely until the canvas reaches its full scale. I made a PG which should demonstrate what I am talking about:


It's most obvious with the title, but it happens with anything which isn't very close to 0,0, it seems.

Thanks for a great framework!

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Not sure whether I should create a brand new topic for this, so I apologize if I should have. 

I noticed with the latest preview, that the original PG (and my own project started getting the following error, it seems to occur anytime the scale is set to zero:

Uncaught Error: Can't invert matrix, near null determinant
    at Matrix2D.invertToRef (babylon.canvas2d.js:185)
    at Function.Matrix2D.Invert (babylon.canvas2d.js:144)
    at Rectangle2D.Prim2DBase.updateCachedStates (babylon.canvas2d.js:9136)
    at WorldSpaceCanvas2D.Prim2DBase.updateCachedStatesOf (babylon.canvas2d.js:8950)
    at WorldSpaceCanvas2D.Group2D._prepareGroupRender (babylon.canvas2d.js:11599)
    at WorldSpaceCanvas2D.Canvas2D._updateCanvasState (babylon.canvas2d.js:17734)
    at WorldSpaceCanvas2D.Canvas2D._render (babylon.canvas2d.js:17745)
    at e.callback (babylon.canvas2d.js:16554)
    at e.notifyObservers (babylon.js:2)
    at i.render (babylon.js:12)


If I change the initial scale to .001 or something, the error no longer occurs.



Other than that, really good! The various scaling / positioning I am doing on world as well as local canvas's are all working as expected. Great work.

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