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FreeCamera more FPS like?


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Hi - again,


Any tips on how should I change the default behavior of FreeCamera to make it more FPS like. By this I mean: mouse down not required to rotate. 


This would probably cause some usability challenges in browser environment but maybe allow user to go full screen mode (how to do this?) would help.


Thanks in advance for the replies and once again good job on making BJS fun!



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Hi karpo,

2 options:

1 - Modify yourself the code of Babylon.FreeCamera.js

2 - Override the default behavior of the FreeCamera. You'll an example in my following article: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/davrous/archive/2013/11/19/using-webgl-to-create-games-for-the-windows-store.aspx where I'm taking the FreeCamera as the base prototype to build a special camera for the Xbox controller.



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Hi. I simply changed engine.isPointerLock into 'true' and pretty much got what I was looking for. I see the engine having a method switchFullscreen(). I guess this is for asking the browser to go into fullscreen. I couldn't quite figure out what to give it as a parameter - didn't work just by calling engine.switchFullscreen().

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