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Track shaders compilation trigger


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Is there a way to know when any shader compilation is triggered on bjs, what instance it's related to, and what properties it has? (e.g. point light, bones support...)

That way I'll be able to know if I missed precompiling any shaders if I see any shader compilations during the gameplay after initialization.

It'd be best if I could log such a thing to the console.

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Hi Royi.  I'm not qualified to help with this, but I try goofy things anyway, as you well-know.  :)


Here I have hijacked engine.createShaderProgram(), and also re-defined engine's compileShader() function.  Both are being called in this simple playground... twice.

My hijacked code comes from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/master/dist/babylon.2.5.max.js but was originally found in engine.ts... while searching for the word 'program'.   :)  Playground lines 18-22 ... attaching, linking, getProgramParameter() stuff.  Might work.

I did some experiments in lines 60-61, too... wondering if engine._compiledEffects was something observable.  Nothing learned there.  Sorry for interrupting thread flow.  Calling all helpers - issue still open.  :)

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As @Wingnut stated this is deep inside the engine :)

There is no observable so far but I'm not opposed to add one either here:


Or perhaps there:



Second option seems better as we have more info regarding uniforms and defines

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