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How to render all scene to texture


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I need render all scenes to one texture and after that render this texture to the screen

I am try to do so:

1.  I create render texture object

_self.renderTexture = _self.engine.add.renderTexture( 800, 600, 'rendertexture', true);

2. In the update function I render scene to this texture

_self.renderTexture.renderXY( _self.engine.stage, 0, 0, false );

there are two problems:

the image is flipped horizontally

- the image blinking very vast ( the fps frequency I think )

how to fix this problems?


PS As I see that one frame render black screen to texture and second frame render game content to texture and to screen

why black rendered to texture i do not understand

If disable render to texture then all is ok

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