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Intersect Mesh


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Any reason why the intersectsMesh is triggered on the red line area and not on the green line (as would be normal i guess)?


Just using a simple code, nothing fancy... No physics engine...

// skillMesh - fireball thing
// m - monster
scene.registerBeforeRender(function() {
    if (skillMesh.intersectsMesh(m, false)) {
        // do your job [call hit(), unregister this e.t.c.]
    else {
        // set skillMesh.position

Edit1: Played a bit more and rotated the mesh, the collision area is still in the back of monster, Could be a mesh problem? 

Edit.2 Replaced my monster with a sphere and collision works fine, i can't see the problem on my mesh...

Edit3: Solved, i have no idea how this helped but i change the rest pose and it's fine now

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