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Intersection element


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Are there any built-in methods to get the actual intersection of two (or more) geometries?

E.g. the intersection point of a line and a plane, the line intersection of two planes, the arc intersection of a sphere and a plane, the point of three planes, etc...


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Hi @Leeodelion, welcome to the forum.  No replies yet, eh?  Sorry.  I'm going to ask @RaananW and @Temechon for advice on this.  I'm not at all qualified.

I think I know what you seek, and I think the answer is no.  (No BJS built-in high-level tools for this.) 

But, a new CSG system (constructive solid geometry) (boolean subtracts, etc) was recently proposed.  And, our old CSG system is/was pretty good, too.  If there were a way/place to borrow code and derive/calc these "intersected surfaces", it might be in that code.

A playground search for 'intersectsPoint' returns substantial results.  Those might be worth a look.

Hopefully, smarter people than I.... will comment soon.  Be patient.  :)

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