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Inheritance(?) in js question


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Hi, I have been going through a tutorial on recreating FruitNinja (unimportant maybe). I am a beginner in JS with experiance in Java. I need some help or reference where to get it - I have 2 states like this:

var FruitNinja = FruitNinja || {};

FruitNinja.JSONLevelState = function () {
    "use strict";

FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.State.prototype);
FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.constructor = FruitNinja.JSONLevelState;

FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.create = function () {
     this.create_prefab(prefab_name, this.level_data.prefabs[prefab_name]);


FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype.create_prefab = function (prefab_name, prefab_data) {
    if (this.prefab_classes.hasOwnProperty(prefab_data.type)) { do stuff...



var FruitNinja = FruitNinja || {};

FruitNinja.LevelState = function () {
    "use strict";
    this.prefab_classes = {
        "background": FruitNinja.Prefab.prototype.constructor,

FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype = Object.create(FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.prototype);
FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype.constructor = FruitNinja.LevelState;

FruitNinja.LevelState.prototype.create = function () {
    "use strict";



Somehow JSONLevelState can access LevelState this.prefab_classe object. I don't understand how. Can I somehow print it to chrome console? Or can someone explain it or point me to some external reference ? I have watched couple of videos on youtube on inheritance in JS but I still don't get it.

Please help,



Ok Solved. "FruitNinja.JSONLevelState.call(this);" allows dunc from JSONLevelState be called in LevelState object (having access to its variables. Watch https://youtu.be/PMfcsYzj-9M for a complete explanation. 


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