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sprite deceleration


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I want to have a sprite (laser) decelerate from its original position (cannon) to its destination (current pointer position on click).

I tried negative values with accelerateToPointer :

game.physics.accelerateToPointer(laser, this.game.input.activePointer, -600, 100, 100);

but the behavior isn't the one I expected since the sprite goes immediatly backward.


So I tried to play with body.acceleration instead :

laser.body.velocity.x = 500;laser.body.velocity.y = 500;laser.body.acceleration.x = -500;laser.body.acceleration.y = -500;

The behavior is far more better (the sprite slows down til a certain point, but then goes backward), but I couldn't find how to set the minVelocity for the sprite to decelerate.

Whether I use body.maxVelocity or nothing, it finally goes backward (negative speed, I guess).


Is there a way to set this minVelocity for negative accelerations or need I just to test by myself the velocity in the update loop ?


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function fireLaser() {  laser = lasers.getFirstExists(false);  if (laser) {    laser.reset(80,20, 1);    laser.outOfBoundsKill = true;    //laser.rotation = game.physics.accelerateToPointer(laser);    laser.body.velocity.x = 800;    laser.body.velocity.y = 800;    laser.body.drag.x = 50;    laser.body.drag.y = 50;    }  }}

Still no deceleration effect, although there's no acceleration set


prototype here : http://jerome.bousquie.fr/phaser/game1/


but please don't mind, I'll compute the decreasing velocity

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