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Feedback on "large world streaming"


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I've been investigating how to create a large/streamed world in BabylonJs, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything helpful... given my (lack of) knowledge. I read this topic 

 and (poorly) tried to implement a super simple proof of concept of what @joshcamas suggested, but I'm not quite sure of whether what I've done is correct. Most of the links I followed there were either dead, or the examples were using voxel or other stuff which was by far too complex for what I want, so that's why I decided to try to code something by myself, and this is the result:


I'm thinking of setting a big size for each chunk and maybe having a lot of connected heightmap images, then load the corresponding one when the player approaches to it. By the way, haven't found any tool to generate a terrain/realistic map with textures that I can export into heightmap chunks (with its corresponding textures). Is there any software for that, or what shall I be using otherwise? Any feedback / advise would be very appreciated.

Ultimately, I'd like to have the map on the server that is streamed to the clients that connect to it, and I'm not sure if what I've done could work or if I should be doing something else.



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