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Little bug with animation


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Look how was it done in http://www.createjs.com/#!/EaselJS/demos/spritesheet example.

Just use 

stage.addEventListener('stagemousedown', callback)

instead of 

document.onclick = function(e) {}


window.mousex = e.stageX-canvasx;

to calculate mouse's X position instead of 

window.mousex = e.clientX-canvasx;

Whole working code should look like:

var canvas;var stage;var imgCharRun = new Image();var imgCharIdle = new Image();var bmpAnimation;var canvasx;var isClicked = false;function init() {  canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');  canvasx = canvas.offsetLeft;  imgCharRun.src = "monsterRun.png";  imgCharIdle.src = "monsterIdle.png";  startGame();}function startGame(){  stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);  stage.enableMouseOver(10);  var spriteSheet = new createjs.SpriteSheet({    images: [imgCharRun, imgCharIdle],     frames: {width: 64, height: 64, regX: 32, regY: 32},     animations: {       walk: [0, 9, "walk"],      idle: [10, 20, "idle"]    }  });  bmpAnimation = new createjs.BitmapAnimation(spriteSheet);  bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay ("idle");  bmpAnimation.scaleX = 1;  bmpAnimation.x = canvas.width/2;  bmpAnimation.y = canvas.height-100;  bmpAnimation.currentFrame = 9;  stage.addChild(bmpAnimation);  createjs.Ticker.addListener(window);  createjs.Ticker.useRAF = true;  createjs.Ticker.setFPS(30);  stage.addEventListener("stagemousedown", handleClick);}function handleClick(e) {  isClicked = true;  window.mousex = e.stageX-canvasx;  moveToMouse();}//this function is not needed/*function isMouseClicked() {if (isClicked){moveToMouse();}}*/function moveToMouse() {  if(bmpAnimation.x<mousex) {    bmpAnimation.x+=5;    bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");    bmpAnimation.scaleX = -1;  }  if(bmpAnimation.x>mousex) {    bmpAnimation.x-=5;    bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");    bmpAnimation.scaleX = 1;  }}function tick() {  stage.update();  //isMouseClicked(); I dont think its needed here} 
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No, in start of this theme, main issue was the character didn't animate and froze at one frame like here: http://rockfor.us/issuedAnimation/index.html

Bit later i fixed this issue and got other (now he stops sometimes, and reason of these bug i understand) like this: http://rustem.ucoz.com/onMouseRun/index.html

Earlier i've tried to make primitive movement by simply adding or subtracting 5pixels from .x coordinate of character (you can see it in code). But if i wanted character to stop when character.x==mouse.x, the problem appeared, because character.x was just roughly close to the mouse.x, but not ==mousex. How can i make not such primitive movement to mouseclick?

document.onclick = function(e) {	isClicked = true;	window.mousex = e.clientX-canvasx;	bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");}function isMouseClicked() {	if (isClicked){		moveToMouse();	}}function checkStaying() {	if (bmpAnimation.x==mousex) {	bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("idle");	}}function moveToMouse() {	if(bmpAnimation.x<mousex) {		bmpAnimation.x+=5;		//bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");		bmpAnimation.scaleX = -1;	}	if(bmpAnimation.x>mousex) {		bmpAnimation.x-=5;		//bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");		bmpAnimation.scaleX = 1;	}	}function tick() {	stage.update();	isMouseClicked();	if (isClicked) {		checkStaying();		}}
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Try adding additional variable which will indicate direction of movement and then update condition inside checkStaying() a little:

var direction;/*other declarations and functions*/document.onclick = function(e) {  isClicked = true;  window.mousex = e.clientX-canvasx;  bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");}function isMouseClicked() {  if (isClicked){    moveToMouse();    checkStaying();  }}function checkStaying() {  if ((bmpAnimation.x === mousex) ||      (bmpAnimation.x > mousex && direction === 'right') ||      (bmpAnimation.x < mousex && direction === 'left')) {      bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("idle");      direction = '';      isClicked = false;  }}function moveToMouse() {  if(bmpAnimation.x<mousex && direction !== 'left') {    bmpAnimation.x+=5;    //bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");    bmpAnimation.scaleX = -1;    direction = 'right';  }  if(bmpAnimation.x>mousex && direction !== 'right') {    bmpAnimation.x-=5;    //bmpAnimation.gotoAndPlay("walk");    bmpAnimation.scaleX = 1;    direction = 'left';  }}function tick() {  stage.update();  isMouseClicked();  /*if (isClicked) {    checkStaying();  }*/}
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'===' is an identity operator, and '==' is an equality operator, which means that  '===' compares also (additional to values) types of compared variables.

More detailed informations can be found e.g. here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/359494/does-it-matter-which-equals-operator-vs-i-use-in-javascript-comparisons


I am glad that I helped you :).

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