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Feedback for my first lines of code (Moon Lander game)


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Hey folks!


As someone with a very basic skill in JavaScript, I'm trying to make my first little moon lander game to mess around with the framework.

Currently its just a lander with limited fuel flying around. Nothing special.

But I already feel like I could do better code organisation wise...


I tried to make the lander and it's emitters (engine particles) a group but I failed doing so. Currently each udate() I have so align all the emitters x/y to the lander sprite. That feels just wrong.

I'd also love to adjust the particle drag/initial particle speed since there is no air resistance in space but failed there. :unsure:



Any feedback or advice is welcome! :)




Edit: Controls are Arrow Keys and Spacebar

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Particle emitters are already Phaser.Groups, and as such can't be added to other groups.

Thee only other way you can adjust where the particles are is by setting the emitX/emitY values on the emitter.

This will spawn the particles at a new location without moving the entire group.

It may give you a different visual effect to what you have now, as the group moving moves all children (as they are relative to the parent) but the emit coords changing does not.

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