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Particle System cone shape

Richard C

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Could someone please point me in the direction to achieve the following shape using particles:-

particleSystem.direction1 = new BABYLON.Vector3(-0, 0, 0);
particleSystem.direction2 = new BABYLON.Vector3(7, 7, -7);

gives me a cube / rectangle


when what I need is :


I assume I perhaps need to use

particleSystem.length = xxx

but haven't yet managed to acheive how to do it.


Richard C




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Hello, this is not something you can achieve directly. BUT no worry, we've got you covered :D

You can control the behavior of every particle with the custom update functions: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/particles#custom-functions

In your case I suggest creating an update function where you check the distance between the particle and the emitter.

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I've been trying the update function but run into problem. How do you measure the distance between particle and the axis from which it is emitted. It is not right to measure from the emitter.


For your info - I am trying to simulate a submersible descending to the seabed and the subsequent 'sand cloud' that would result. I current have 4 emitters (as you can see in the PG) in each corner of the sub.



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@Richard C:How about this for a "cone" shape of particles:

Simple Particles Cone

The trick are the two lines 55 and 56 - they define the "spread" in two directions from a much smaller emit box in lines 29 and 30

Play with the numbers in 55/56 and 29/30. I guess it is more quadrahedral than a  genuine cone - but is that noticeable ?

cheers gryff :)

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