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CSG rotation


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Hi there,

Ive been picking up the babylon framework over the past couple of weeks but this one has really stumped me.

All i'm trying to do is rotate the CSG's 45degs about the y axis. So the result looks like a 'X' rather than a '+'

I can move one bar or the other into place but as soon as i apply a rotation to both they revert to the original 'plus' position.


Im trying to rotate the CSG rather than the resulting mesh because I need the y axis to = 0 for the roll over effect.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Cheers, Jake.

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Almost, so the 'a' CSG now has a rotation on it in your sketch and is in the correct position. I would like to rotate the 'b' CSG by the same amount as well. But when I give it *any* rotation at all both rotations seem to be ignored and it just produces the '+' shape again rather than the desired 'X'

Does that make sense? 

This is what i'd like to achieve. I did this by just rotating the camera, but that isn't really a solution because it interferes with the roll over effect, and id really like to understand a bit more about the CSG problem as well.



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