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[SOLVED] scaling factor for chained cubes


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Hopefully I can explain my problem clearly:

Lets say I have 10 cubes and I want to start with the first cube with a scaling factor of 1(all dimensions) and the last cube should have a scaling factor of 0.5 and all cubes between should be interpolated. This is no problem for loosely cubes, I mean cubes without parenting (its just a linear interpolation). But how can I solve the calculation when each cube is the parent of the next cube? Is there an more or less convenient API to  calc this situation?

Forgotten to say, the cubes are created with a fixed size and they should dynamically updated via scaling factor.

Thanks in advance


OK, answering myself: after searching and some experiments => the easiest solution is not do directly parenting the cubes. Instead, making a chain of dummy "node"-meshes and parenting the cube to this nodes made the life much easier.

Nevertheless, here is a playground to experiment with: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#4BSOP#3

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