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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I've been dabbling in Babylon for a month or so now, and things are going well, but I'm getting caught up on this one problem: I have several avatars in a row. They all have jetpacks, but there should only be one active any time. I've parented the emitter fountain objects to each of the avatar's hip bones and then offset it so that it's behind the avatar roughly in the location of the jetpack on the mesh. It works fine for the avatar at (0,0) but the fountain doesn't seem to move when i translate each of the avatars into their final positions Isn't that what parenting does? I
  2. Hi Folks, Here's a SPS new feature : the particle parenting. Simple to understand : once a particle has a parent, all its rotation, position and pivot are then expressed in the parent particle local space. Simple to use : sps.initParticles = function() { for (var i = 1; i < sps.nbParticles; i++) { // declare each previous particle as the parent of the current one sps.particles[i].parentId = i - 1; } }; sps.updateParticle = function(p) { // each particle will rotate for +0.001 in the already rotated parent space particle.rotation.z += 0.001
  3. I am building an application that has a lot of requirement of the user to understand the world coordinate system, so I want to add in the bottom left corner of the screen a widget that shows the world axes and their rotations. I've succeeded in attaching the axes lines to the camera however as expected the parenting caused the axes' rotation to be bound to the camera's local rotation, not the world coordinate system. So my question is how to I attach the axes to the camera, BUT make sure their rotation is locked to the world coordinate system? Demo here: http://www.babylonjs-pla
  4. I want to use an ArcRotateCamera where the position and direction of the camera is determined by a parent object like in this rollercoaster playground where the player can additionally look around. So far so good, thaks to the creator @jerome I guess. I'd like to extend this szenario with a barrel distorted stereo output (using cameraRigMode_VR), but parenting the camera to an object (wagon in case of the playground) does not work, stereo output works, but no parenting. Can someone give me a hint please? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi! Like I said in another topic I have a problem with parenting pyhsicsImposter and thier collides. I finally prepared a playground to show the problem! http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZENDZ2 You can throw a bullet(ball) with key E and move the mouse while holding left mouse button. Try to throw the bricks and change the color of all bricks! It dont works because you hit a some other brick physicsImpostor. Why? I want to hit each brick while they are parenting and dynamically add new objects (bricks). Edit: I want also remember to this parenting bug:
  6. Hopefully I can explain my problem clearly: Lets say I have 10 cubes and I want to start with the first cube with a scaling factor of 1(all dimensions) and the last cube should have a scaling factor of 0.5 and all cubes between should be interpolated. This is no problem for loosely cubes, I mean cubes without parenting (its just a linear interpolation). But how can I solve the calculation when each cube is the parent of the next cube? Is there an more or less convenient API to calc this situation? Forgotten to say, the cubes are created with a fixed size and they should dynamically
  7. Hi there! I have a few questions on how Babylon handles parenting: 1. A is B's parent. What happens to A and B if I go: A.parent = B; ? 2. A is B's parent. B is C's parent. What happens if I go: A.parent = C; ? Infinite hierarchy? 3.A is B's parent. C is D's parent. How would I swap parent? What happens if I go: B.parent = C; // B now has 2 parent, A and C ? Did A get disconnected? Did D lose his parent? Do all of this happen at the end of the frame or in real time? D.parent = A; // What happens there? 4. is there a mesh.children[] or something similar I need to update
  8. I have been trying to export animated model but with no luck does not show up on web and log file gives error and warnings. It is not camera nor light issue as they are added externally. It worked before Armature was added and animation and parenting applied. Blend (2.72) file can be gotten here: tlu.ee/~paradine/hairPerm2.blend Any help appriciated. Found Empty Object! (why it did not rendered) And did not like more than 4 instances.
  9. Hi buddies I'm in trouble trying to put a gun (mesh) in my animated cowboy (another mesh, rigged). I try parent to skeleton bone (failed), make a fake mesh rigged in same skeleton and then parenting the gun (failed). All models are made in blender. Any thoughts? Thanx
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