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Get billboardmode in canvas2D with WorldSpaceCanvas2D


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Hello every one,

I try to reproduce some feature from http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1KYG17#1

and here I am http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1MVIGI#4

I cannot get my canvas2D to have some kind of billboardmode 

As you can see, I ended copy pasting most of the first playground properties into the second one with no result so far

It seems that trackNodeBillboard expect a boolean according to babylonjs github but I may be wrong

parenting the canvas2d to sphereM (biggerbox) does not follow the move,

I don't know what I'm doing wrong

Thanks to all of you

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Hi again, B!  Um... first, I think you meant to reference #5 playground instead of #4.  #4 playground has no canvas2d stuff.  :)  If you wish, you can edit your previous post, and then I will adjust THIS post (removing my previous sentence).  Your choice.

Here's the fix for your #5 issue...


Temporarily, I rounded the corners on your panel a bit more, just so we remember it is not a mesh, but instead a canvas2d.

Variable canvas, in this case, is a WorldSpaceCanvas2D... which is not a mesh (although it DOES have a .worldSpaceCanvasNode helper-mesh).  So, the "parent" set in line 73... would need to be a canvas2d entity, and NOT a mesh like sphereM.

Then, I set trackNode to sphereM in line 72, and it started working.  The panel was positioned inside-of the sphereM box, so I made sphereM semi-transparent so we could see it do billboarding.  (It needs some Z value set in line 70... to exit the box, as you likely know already.)  :)

Hope this helps. Sorry for slow reply.  Holler if you have more questions on this subject.  I like your "reveal" system, including your camera.radius monitoring.  Pretty cool!  Be well.

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