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Fixing child sprite rotation gitter


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Ok so Ill start with a quick example:

I start the example with a stationary swing and then proceed to swing while spinning. The station swing is perfect and smooth with zero jittering. The swing while rotating creates a horrible jitter effect.

Right now the character is as follows:

  1. Base empty sprite holding everything. This only moves x and y.
  2. Bodyholder sprite is holding the characters body and is child of the base
  3. LeftArmHolder sprite is holding the left arm and is a child of the base
  4. RightArmHolder sprite is holding the right arm and is a child of the base

I have tried a tweening the arm holders, which works well for static swings, but creates jittering while the character spins and swings.

I have tried grabbing the body holders angle and applying the swing angle on top of that (body.angle + requiredSwingAngle). The result is the same as the tween.

I have also tried creating an addition arm holder to act the base for both arms and make it a child of the body holder. The result is the same as the tween.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to create a nice smooth sprite orbiting animation (backwards and forwards) whilst the parent sprite is rotating?

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