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@hunts ; I gather you have upgraded your exporter from 4.6.1

The message you are getting is telling you that there are unapplied transforms in your file - an animated mesh?

I have asked you at least twice about posting your Blender file - but no response.

Without looking at the file, it is hard to say where the problem is coming arises - rotation, scale or possibly both.

gryff :)

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1 hour ago, hunts said:

 the file is not packing:( 

I assume that means you have switched to version 5.2 of the exporter and you are getting the "export cancelled" message.

Something like this is what you are after :


1. With your .blend file, in the 3D window hit the N key - it brings up a panel you want the "Tranforms" section.

2. Now select first the armature - note the values for Rotation and Scale.

3. Now select the mesh - note the values for rotation and scale - they are different!! :o

4. So, with the mesh still selected go to the "Object" menu -> Apply->Rotation and Scale

Now export.

However, the materials and textures are a mess. They are all .tga files - you need to change them all to .jpg or .pngs as the exporter is ignoring them. And get rid of the duplicates. I've seen this nonsense before (Ka and Kd stuff on models got from websites offering 3D models).

And there appear to be a few faces either missing or have inverted normals ( see leg and under arm).

So much easier to find problems when you have the .blend file :)

cheers, gryff :)


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