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dat.guiVR on babylonjs


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Hiya B!  No replies, huh?  I happen to KNOW that we have the tools to do this, now, using WorldSpaceCanvas2D.  Perhaps YOU are the one who does this integration.  :)

There's what?  About 8 different kinds of "widgets" used for dat.gui?  Produce the same 8 classes of worldSpaceCanvas2D "things", and you are on your way to superstar land.

Probably avoid allowing "drag" on the worldSpaceCanvas2dNode (which is the mesh that worldSpaceCanvas2d stuff is painted-onto)... for the time-being.  That would be difficult. 

But, you can create +/- value-adjuster buttons, current value read-out, checkboxes, input type-in, etc.  Later, you can group-together instances of those 2D-within-3D widgets... into panels of GUI.  Easy!  (sort of)

Could you have that on my desk by Monday morning?  :D  Thanks!  heh.   Again, sorry for the slow replies. You asked a GOOD question.  I'll keep thinkin'.  Be well.

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