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Problem with pixi <= 3 and webgl since chrome update to 57


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after updating chrome (57.0.2987.110) all pixi examples with pixi version <= 3 are not working anymore.
(= The animation/render loop is updating in the background but I don't see the updated picture. Only during changing the size of the browser window I see the updates ... No errors in the console.)

e.g. http://www.gamebzh.net/htmlgame/pixi-e/index.html?s=basic

Bunny isn't rotating anymore.

The same example with pixi v4 is working.

What could be the reason for that or what part from pixi v4 could be fixing that issue?


Thanks, Alex

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just updated my browser to 57.0.2987.110 tested the above example and it's working


The only thing related to WebGL in the v. 57.x update was :

Deprecate and Remove webkitCancelRequestAnimationFrame

But this isn't even used in Pixi.js only the CancelRequestAnimationFrame

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