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[1.1.3] nested groups


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I said it in another thread, but since that one was about another topic, I've decided to create a new specific thread.

I try to nest one group into another:

var a = game.add.group();var b = game.add.group();a.add(;

but it fails (with an error in the console).


The error shows in phaser.js at line 1556 (I'm using release 1.1.3):

    if(nextObject)    {        nextObject._iPrev = childLast;        childLast._iNext = nextObject;    }

Is this by design or a bug?


I'm trying to nest groups because, in my game, I already have a group that contains all items of the same kind and each of those items are group themselves (because I need to compose together two sprites animated by their spritesheet).

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