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Best way to develop extensions or additional functionallity for babylon?


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what is the best way to develop features or extensions for Babylon?

I've found this link: http://pixelcodr.com/tutos/contribute/contribute.html

And there are these extensions: https://doc.babylonjs.com/extensions And some snippets: https://github.com/BabylonJS/UserFunctions 

But what is the best way to develop some additional functionality for babylon? Should I write a custom component or a snippet or should I fork the babylon repository and push into a branch?

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Okay, I'm gonne be more concretely: In a-frame there's a community that is developing many "components" like https://aframe.io/aframe-registry/ and https://github.com/aframevr/awesome-aframe#components It's pretty simple to develop own components and to share them. 

Every component is pretty well presented by showing animated gifs and nice descriptions.

In Babylon I don't find such an "official sharing platform" like that. Probably there could be a documentation of how to contribute "officially" by developing custom extensions (or maybe there is a documentation that I just don't know about).

In comparison I would say that babylon is more developed by the core team while a-frame gets a lot of features out of the community.

As I see myself as a (very very small) spart of the babylon community, I would also like to contribute by developing some stuff. But to get back to my initial queastion: I wouldn't know how to do that correctly.

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