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how to use pixijs loader with holwer.js?


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Very curious about this too...

For my current project I attach listeners to the two loaders separately (i.e. follow the counter of each Howl object's onLoad and track when they're all complete)

Would be really nice if I could just use the PIXI loader for everything.

Note that for visual display purposes, I guess you could load it all with pixi loader, then destroy the load and then setup the Howl stuff which should get it from cache, though that's kindof lame...

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Hi guys, I ended up embedding my own logic.
I personally don't like it, but it was enough for me to continue my other deliveries until I found a better way.

function onAssetsLoaded(loader){
	loaded = false;

	function checkSounds() {
		if (sounds.state() === "loaded"){
			loaded = true;

		if (loaded){
	soundInt = setInterval(checkSounds, 100);


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